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THE HEAT’S ON (1943) *

Mae West stars in this terrible musical comedy as a Broadway starlet stuck singing in an unsuccessful albeit racy Broadway show.  To drum up publicity, her producer William Gaxton calls in the local League of Decency to shut the production down.  Much to their surprise (but not the audience’s) the show is closed for good and Mae leaves to star in a rival producer’s show.  Predictably, Gaxton’s somehow able to get Mae back for his new play which becomes a smashing success. 


Jeez this movie is lame.  Too much of The Heat’s On revolves around a lot of awful musical numbers sung by some Cuban broad.  In fact, Mae doesn’t have many opportunities to sing as there’s a bunch of other singers whose constant warbling only helps to pad the running time.  And the comedy isn’t much better.  Gaxton isn’t very funny and more time is spent on him wheeling and dealing than with Mae doing her shtick.


And I think that’s the most disappointing thing about the movie.  Despite her top billing, the statuesque West has little more than a supporting role.  And I know the censors loved to fuck with West’s suggestive dialogue but they really took the scissors to this one.  She has none of her trademark double entendres in this movie and isn’t given very much to do until the flick’s almost over.  She does sing a few shitty numbers but that’s about it.  West must’ve thought this was a real turkey too because she didn’t make another film for 27 years.

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