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WALL STREET (1987) ***

Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a young stock broker who is tired of cold calling old fuckers for investment opportunities.  He finally nuts up and gets a hold of Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), a big time Wall Street player who makes a million dollars before breakfast.  Fox gives him an insider tip to invest in his father’s company and Gordon takes the tip and makes a fortune.  He then hires Bud to snoop around the city for more tips, which is clearly an ethical violation.  Since Bud is a money grubbing yuppie, he chucks ethics out the window.  But when Gekko tries to liquidate his father’s company, Bud sets out to beat Gordon at his own game.


I have to admit, I never was one for the stock market and what I know about The Wall Street Journal you could probably fit in a pea pod.  Director Oliver Stone didn’t really fill in any blanks for me either.  To me, the stock market is just a bunch of yuppies in suits yelling at each other.  And I hate yuppies just about as much as I hate hippies.  So naturally, this material isn’t nearly as interesting to me as say, soldiers in Vietnam or alcoholic photojournalists in El Salvador.


Another strike against the movie is that the story is pretty one-note.  You already know Bud’s going to go from a green stock broker to money grubbing yuppie.  You already know Gekko is going to fuck him over.  You already know Fox is going to fuck Gekko over.  I mean his name is “Fox” so you’ve got to assume he’s sly and crafty and Gekko is obviously cold-blooded and slimy.  I think a four year old could’ve seen the symbolism here.


That said, this is still a pretty good movie.  That’s mostly because Douglas is the fucking man.  You know the dude is fucking evil as all get out but he’s so damn charming that you just have to love the bastard.  I’m not the biggest Michael Douglas fan in the world but he rocks the house in this flick.  I mean, there’s a reason why they always show that “Greed is good” monologue every time somebody is doing a retrospective on the man.  Sheen’s role isn’t as flashy so it’s basically just a thankless role playing second fiddle to Douglas.  And since the movie is all about scumbag yuppies, you know that The Spade Man himself, James Spader is gonna show up.


And here’s something else I didn’t get:  The Daryl Hannah character.  She’s just not hot enough for you to really think that Sheen would basically sell his soul to go to bed with her.  She’s okay but she’s definitely not Audrina hot or anything.  Her subplot doesn’t add anything to the movie and she’s plenty annoying.  Still, the flick sizzles whenever Douglas is buying and selling people’s asses, so it’s still a worthwhile, if minor entry in Oliver Stone’s oeuvre.    

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