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THE KEEPER (2010) ** ½

Steven Seagal stars as a cop who is taken off active duty due to an injury.  To make some quick cash, he agrees to be a bodyguard for his rich buddy’s hot daughter (Liezl Carstens) after she is almost kidnapped.  Turns out that daddy’s past shady business dealings have come back to bite him on the ass and his ex-business associate wants to kidnap her for a big payday.  Of course, Seagal ain’t gonna let that shit happen.


The Keeper really gets off on the wrong foot when it sets up Seagal’s character’s back story.  It takes a good twenty minutes to establish that A) He was a former cop.  B) His partner double crossed him.  C)  He suffered injuries so severe that he couldn’t be a cop anymore.  All of this could’ve been settled via a five minute montage and/or flashback but they drag it out until the breaking point.  If the flick had hacked off this useless prologue, The Keeper would’ve been one of Seagal’s best latter day efforts.


The good news is that The Keeper is filled with a fair amount of solid action sequences that feature a nice balance of shootouts, chases, and Kung Fu.  The bullet squibs are juicy and Seagal sticks a couple mofo’s real good with a big ass knife.  Although he may rely on a body double for dialogue scenes, I didn’t notice his stunt double during the action sequences, so that was a plus.  Besides, you have to dig any Seagal movie in which his dialect goes from Cajun to Texan to Ebonics, often times in the same scene.  I guess we could refer to this dialect as “Seagalese”.

Tags: action, k, kung fu, seagal
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