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The Sexual Story of O has nothing whatsoever to do with The Story of O.  I guess director Jess Franco was aware of that, so to distinguish it from The Story of O, he added the word “Sexual” to the title.  As if The Story of O was already sexual to begin with.


A chick spends her vacation reading Norman Mailer buck naked and prancing around so her neighbors can see her.  After watching them fuck, she joins them for some three-way action.  She eventually falls in love with the dude, Mario and he likewise falls for her too.  That makes his decision to sell her to a crazy, S & M obsessed, serial killing couple especially hard.  When the couple ties her up and beat her to death, Mario says enough is enough and blows them away with a shotgun.


The Sexual Story of O consists of a lot of long, mostly unsexy sex scenes.  Overall, the flick features a lot of skin but none of the women are hot or anything.  Even worse is that all of the chicks sport pussies that look like an Arby’s roast beef sandwich hiding inside of a Halloween fright wig.  Yech.  I did admire how Franco managed to squeeze about 5 minutes of actual plot into the 85 minute film though. 


The flick is plenty bad but it still has it’s merits.  I loved the English subtitles.  They were funny as Hell.  I particularly liked the way whenever someone was moaning in pleasure; the subtitles felt the need to translate “MHM” and “AAH!”  And while we’re on the subject of screenwriting, I must admit that even though the flick is mostly crap, you can’t really go wrong with lines like, “You’re a pervert, but I love you.”

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