The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

FLIGHTPLAN (2005) **

Jodie Foster gives an earnest performance, but this thriller never achieves takeoff. She plays an airplane designer who snaps when her daughter mysteriously disappears midway through an international flight. Sean (Goldeneye) Bean is the captain, Erica (Traffic) Christensen is a stewardess, and Peter (Skeleton Key) Sarsgaard is the marshal whose patience is put to the test (much like the audience) while trying to locate the frantic Foster’s daughter. At one point they try to convince her that her daughter is just a figment of her imagination (a la Fight Club) but smarter audience members will know better. Foster is okay, but it’s hard to sympathize with her since she pretty much starts acting like a nutcase from the get-go. Sarsgaard steals the movie as the wisecracking agent who barely tolerates her antics. It’s hokey and one note, but I’m sure Foster fans will eat it up. This wouldn’t have happened if Wesley Snipes was on board!
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