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Tokyo Decadence started out with a bang.  Literally.  In fact, there was so much decadence in the first hour that I was ready to give this movie Four Stars.  Unfortunately, about 2/3 of the way through, the decadence dries up and all we’re left with is a bunch of boring ass shit.  Up until then, the flick was a lot of fun.  And by “a lot of fun”, I mean it gave me a chubby-chub.


The flick follows this prostitute chick named Ai (Miho Nikaido) that makes her living by letting rich Japanese businessmen do all sorts of freaky shit to her.  One night she’s letting a husband/wife team makes her crawl around with a vibrator stuck inside her.  The next night a dude wants her to act out his necrophilia fantasy, but she turns him down.  (Classy move on her part, I’d say.)  Then, she teams up with this other broad to humiliate a wimpy guy by peeing in a fruit bowl and making him lap it up like a dog.  Ai is still not happy in her work though as she pines for her former lover.  She then takes some heavy drugs and stumbles out onto the streets of Tokyo looking for Mr. Right.


I got to tell ya folks, the first hour or so of Tokyo Decadence is awesome.  However, once our heroine got all drugged up and went around getting into various non-S & M related shenanigans and misadventures, I totally tuned out.  Seriously, this flick could’ve been one of the all time greats had it not been for the supremely shitty third act.  Whenever Ai is in the bedroom though, the movie is pretty fucking sweet. 


I mean if it’s decadence you’re looking for, you’ve got it.  Besides the humiliation and pissing, there’s foot worshipping, strap-ons, and a girl performing karaoke with a dildo.  That shit is just kinky.  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, those Japanese know how to make one heck of a kinky flick.


AKA:  Topaz.  AKA:  Sex Dreams of Topaz.

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