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SHARKTOPUS (2010) **

Eric Roberts creates a genetically mutated great white shark/octopus hybrid for the government.  (Because every world superpower needs their own genetically mutated great white shark/octopus hybrid, right?)  When the “Sharktopus” breaks it’s homing beacon, it heads down to Puerto Vallarta to get a hot meal.  Roberts then convinces his former associate to come out of retirement to capture the Sharktopus.


When you’ve sat through as many bad SyFy Channel Originals as I have, you learn to appreciate one that has a little bit more to offer than most.  Sharktopus definitely has it’s share of lulls, but it has enough nutty moments to sorta justify it’s existence.  Most of the best moments are weighted towards the beginning of the film.  So whenever the hero is half-assedly romancing Roberts’ daughter or the annoying reporter is trying to get a drunken fisherman to help her find the Sharktopus, feel free to grab a sandwich, walk the dog, or start some laundry.  Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything.


Here’s a couple of key scenes to keep an eye out for.  There’s a funny part when two guys are arguing about the worst way to die.  Then, Sharktopus pops up and eats one dude and he screams, “NO!  Not like this!”  We also get a great cameo by producer Roger Corman that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  And of course, there’s the iconic moment where Sharktopus leaps out of the water to gobble up a bungee jumper.  


Sharktopus also has the benefit of a goofy looking monster with passable CGI effects (well, for the SyFy Channel standards that is).  It looks exactly like a shark, except instead of a tail it’s got eight tentacles.  Which is just what you’d expect a Sharktopus to look like, I suppose.  Throw in a cool theme song, lots of chicks in bikinis, and absolutely no monster POV camerawork and you have a halfway decent way to spend a Saturday night in front of the tube.

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