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I was too young to really experience the whole midnight movie phenomenon back in the 70’s.  Thankfully, I quickly played catch-up thanks to home video.  This documentary is a good reminder of the glory days of cult movies when you had to stay up late to see a crazy flick.


Midnight Movies primarily focuses on the cult classics El, Topo, Night of the Living Dead, Pink Flamingos, The Harder They Come, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Eraserhead (there’s also brief mention of Freaks and Reefer Madness).  All of the directors are interviewed about the making of the films, how they were booked into the midnight circuit, and the audience’s response.  Since you’ve already heard these guys talk about these flicks before, the most interesting part (to me anyway) was the interviews with the theater owners who were willing to take a chance and show all of these oddball movies. 


All of this is entertaining, but Midnight Movies will be nothing more than a refresher course for anyone that already has a PHD in cult cinema.  I guess if you’ve never seen any of the movies covered in the film, then this documentary will really open your eyes.  Even though I pretty much knew everything about most of these flicks, it was still a lot of fun.  Besides, there’s a lot of great clips here and it’s always fun listening to John Waters and David Lynch talk. 

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