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EYE SEE YOU (2002) **

After failing to save his girlfriend from a serial killer, Sylvester Stallone goes into a deep depression.  He bottoms out, crawls into a whiskey bottle, attempts suicide, and almost succeeds.  His caring captain (Charles S. Dutton) signs him up for a unique rehab facility ran by Kris Kristofferson that caters exclusively to cops.  The place is isolated in the Wisconsin wilderness and before long; the group is snowbound during a big storm.  Predictably, the killer has wormed his way into the group and starts picking off the boozehounds one by one.


Eye See You never capitalizes on it’s interesting premise and wastes it’s more than capable cast.  I mean why would you put guys like Tom Berenger, Robert Patrick, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Robert Prosky in a movie together and then give them virtually nothing to do?  Then there’s Charles S. Dutton, who’s basically given the Scatman Crothers role from The Shining of fighting his way through a blizzard the whole movie; only to arrive on the scene at the eleventh hour.  Jeffrey Wright is pretty good as the scarred dreadlocked dude and is given a few moments to shine.


And Stallone does a fine job in the lead.  He’s likable in the early scenes where he goofs around and stuff, and is solid during his character’s darker moments.  Too bad all of his work goes out the window during the lame stalk and slash third act.


Eye See You isn’t all bad though.  The scenes setting up the isolation of the facility are decent but the flick shits the bed rather quickly and proceeds to circle the drain.  All of this could’ve worked, I suppose.  I guess maybe the blame lies on director Jim (I Know What You Did Last Summer) Gillespie.  Instead of making the film into a tightly wound psychological thriller, he just reduces the second half of the film to nothing more than cheap scares and slasher movie clichés.  The killer himself isn’t anything to brag about either, and stole his disguise from Rebecca Gayheart in Urban Legend.


AKA:  D-Tox.  AKA:  Detox.

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