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WAITRESS! (1982) *

The Short Version:  Check Please!


The Long Version:  You know, I like a good Troma movie as much as the next guy, but this comedy from Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz is one sloppy and unfunny mess.  At best, it plays like a live action version of a Cracked comic strip.  At worst, it fucking sucks.


Waitress tells the “story” of three stupid waitresses that work in a New York restaurant.  One chick wants to star in a Broadway production of Joan of Arc so she’s always hounding a producer that frequents the restaurant for an audition.  Another chick is writing an expose on how to pick up men and she uses her job as a waitress as a way to meet guys.  The third bimbo is the daughter of the owner who makes her work so she’ll learn the value of a buck.  All of them are about as bright as a 10 watt bulb.


You know, I wait tables and I can say that this is the worst portrayal of waiting I’ve ever seen.  A lot of shit in this flick is just too stupid for words.  It makes the movie Waiting look like Citizen Kane in comparison.


At heart, the movie wants to be a sex romp comedy, but the “comedy” consists of little more than a moronic collection of dumb jokes.  You know those jokes you see on the back of a cereal box?  Well that’s sophisticated humor next to the jokes in this flick.  There is some nudity every now and then to make it all bearable.  Too bad the broads weren’t wearing bags over their heads though.

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