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FLASH POINT (2008) **

Donnie (Iron Monkey) Yen plays a cop named Ma who has a history of excessive force.  His partner goes deep undercover with the Triads and when his cover is blown, the gang tries to kill him and his girlfriend.  The Triads are finally brought to trial, but predictably, they get off.  This doesn’t sit well with Ma and he turns himself into a one man army out for revenge.


For the first hour or so, Flash Point plays a lot like a boring rip-off of Infernal Affairs as it shows the hardship of an undercover cop stuck between a life of crime and doing his duty as a police officer.  (Actually, I never saw Infernal Affairs but I did see the American remake The Departed, and this was a lot like that movie.)  Then it becomes more of a Chopsocky Death Wish kinda thing. 


Yen is good in the lead and handles his role with authority.  The only problem is that the early scenes of the film are quite slow and offer him very few opportunities to show off his flashy Kung Fu moves.  Finally, things begin to heat up in the last twenty minutes of the film.  The final knock down-drag out battle between Yen and the bad guy is pretty fucking great but it’s not quite enough to salvage the movie. 


So it’s your call.  Do you want to sit through an hour of ho-hum police drama just to get to twenty minutes of kick ass fight scenes?  If so, then Flash Point will be for you.  Me, I wish the same kind of manic energy in the finale was present throughout the whole movie.  There was a pretty cool bomb-in-a-rotisserie chicken scene though.


AKA:  City Without Mercy.  AKA:  Fuse.

Tags: action, f, kung fu

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