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SORCERER (1977) ** ½

Man, am I ever disappointed.  I thought this flick was gonna be about wizards and shit.  Turns out, it’s really about these down on their luck jackasses who get hired to drive a truck loaded with nitroglycerin down a bumpy ass road in the middle of a godforsaken jungle.  If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a remake of The Wages of Fear.  You know, I thought The Wages of Fear had a couple of great sequences but it was hampered by some crappy pacing problems during the first half of the film. 


Well, no surprise here, but Sorcerer suffers from the same damn problems.  The flick spends way too much with the supporting characters’ back stories.  I think if we just had Roy Scheider’s back story (he robbed a church and had to leave the States) and chucked everyone else’s (Who really gives a crap if that French dude embezzled a shit load of money or not?), the first half of the movie would’ve been a lot tighter.


Sorcerer reminded me a lot of another Friedkin movie, The Exorcist.  It has a really slow beginning but once it starts to cook, it’s pretty good.  This flick is no Exorcist though.  Heck, it’s not even as good as the original Wages of Fear, but it does have a couple of suspenseful moments.  My favorite part was when the drivers had to use some of the nitro to blow up an obstacle in the road.  The ending is also memorable, as is the excellent Tangerine Dream score.  Most of the time though, the film played like an extreme version of a truck driving school video.

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