The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE FLY 2 (1989) ** ½

This isn’t in the same league as the original, but the great effects and a good performance by Eric Stoltz make it worth a look.

Stoltz plays the son of Jeff Goldblum from the first movie. He grows at an accelerated rate and appears fully grown when he’s only five years old. He starts messing around with pops’ old equipment and you guessed it; turns himself into another gigantic fly. This time however, he turns into a large cocoon, before emerging as a six armed mutant fly-man.

John Getz returns from the first film, but he gives a terrible performance and has some truly awful dialogue. (“Your father bugged me!”) Daphne (Spaceballs) Zuniga is okay as the love interest, but Stoltz’s performance is what makes the movie. If it wasn’t for Stoltz, (used to acting under tons of latex after Mask), or the excellent special effects (a head crushing elevator scene and a melting face are among the highlights), this wouldn’t be worth two shits.

First time director Chris Walas also provided the special effects (he also did the effects for the original) and future directors Mick (Sleepwalkers) Garris and Frank (The Shawshank Redemption) Darabont co-scripted. Lee Richardson and a mutant dog co-star.
Tags: f, fly movies, horror, horror remake, remake, sci-fi
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