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THE MUMMY’S HAND (1940) ***

Though often billed as a sequel to 1932’s The Mummy, this film is actually the first in a series of Mummy movies released by Universal in the 40’s.  Whereas Boris Karloff played Imhotep, we have Tom Tyler playing a new Mummy named Kharis.  In the original Mummy movie Karloff was only an actual Mummy for a few brief scenes, but in this movie Tyler is always completely bandaged.  George (The Mad Monster) Zucco stars as the caretaker of Kharis who brings him back to life using the mystical “Tanna Leaves”.  Meanwhile two wisecracking archeologists (In the Navy’s Dick Foran and Wallace Ford from Freaks) start snooping around Kharis’ tomb and Zucco sics the Mummy on them.  Tyler actually manages to be kinda scary with his ragged appearance and blacked out eyes.  There are also flashbacks to the original Mummy, but with close-ups of Tyler’s face instead of Karloff’s.  It’s strictly B Movie stuff and while it’s not in the same league as the Karloff film, it’s better than the sequels.  Lon Chaney, Jr. went on to play Kharis in the next Mummy movies, starting with The Mummy’s Tomb.

Tags: horror, m, mummy, sequel
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