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Elvis stars in this Southern fried nonsense about a family whose car breaks down on a new highway in Florida. When the government tries to run them off the land they claim they’re homesteaders. In the course of the movie Elvis inadvertently robs a bank, gets mixed up with some gangsters and becomes sheriff. The script gives Elvis little to do (his country bumpkin simpleton shtick wears thin fast) and the welfare worker subplot slows things down to a crawl. The film features a pretty good supporting cast including Arthur (Gidget) O’Connell, Anne (The Magic Sword) Helm, Simon (Psycho) Oakland, Frank (F-Troop) DeKova and Floyd the Barber (who also appeared with Elvis in Fun in Acapulco the next year) but they can’t help the turgid plot. It also lacks the energy of even the worst of Elvis’ movies. As with most of Elvis’ movies, the songs aren’t all that great but the title tune is quite catchy.
Tags: comedy, elvis, f, musical
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