The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

42ND STREET FOREVER VOL. 1 (2005) ***

This compilation of grindhouse trailers from Synapse is fairly entertaining although at over two hours, it’s a bit numbing for one sitting. There are some great trailers here, but there are more than its fair share of clunkers too. Your best bet is to throw on four or five previews before you watch a movie to simulate a real theatrical experience. The best include Wicked Wicked (in Duovision), The Green Slime, Ginger, Welcome Home Brother Charles (AKA: Soul Vengeance), The Raiders of Atlantis, The Deadly Spawn, The Crippled Masters, Starcrash and a trio of Christina Lindberg movies (Depraved, They Call Her One Eye, AKA: Thriller: A Cruel Picture, and Maid in Sweden). Synapse will hopefully release more volumes, the sooner the better.
Tags: compilation, exploitation, f, horror
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