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This is the nuttiest James Bond rip-off ever. It was made in the Philippines and stars the two and a half foot tall Weng Weng as Agent 00.

He uses a variety of Bond type gadgets (razor brimmed hat, x-ray glasses, and a jetpack) to fight drug dealers (who smuggle drugs inside of bread) led by Mr. Giant, who’s played by (Surprise!) a midget. There’s even a Bond style opening and fake Bond music (even the For Your Eyes Only theme is recycled).

The awful dubbing and dialogue (“The forces of good will defeat the forces of evil!” “That’s Boy Scout doo-doo but you’re entitled to it!”) add to the hilarity. All of this would be quite shameful if Weng didn’t have any screen presence. He’s actually pretty good (especially in the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service style ending) and obviously did his own stunts. He may have a plethora of gadgets at his disposal, but mostly he just kicks guys in the nuts. (And I mean A LOT of guys.) A little of this movie goes a long way (no pun intended) but at least it’s better than Never Say Never Again. A sequel, Agent 00 followed.

At two and a half feet tall, Weng is in the record books for the shortest actor in a leading role in a motion picture. God bless him.
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