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FLIGHT OF FURY (2007) **

I was on a Flight of Fury once.  I was flying on Southwest Airlines and a little kid kicked my seat the whole flight.  Bam!  Okay, now the review can begin.


Steven Seagal escapes from “Detention Center, Northern California” with the help of a hot nurse and a janitor.  Meanwhile a jet pilot steals a prototype stealth fighter that can make itself invisible.  When the CIA catches up to Steve-O, they make him a deal to find the missing jet.


The only novelty Flight of Fury has going for it is that they made Steven Seagal a jet pilot.  Other than that, it’s the usual run of the mill DTV Seagal actioner.  In the midst of all the mediocrity, there is a great scene where Seagal foils a convenience store robbery.  This scene is very Hard to Kill-ish in tone and one of Seagal’s better fights of his DTV career.  There’s also a completely random, albeit incredibly welcome lesbian scene in there too.


Seagal looks alternately bored, sullen, and pissed off in this movie.  Plus, about a third of his dialogue has been dubbed by somebody else; a sure sign that he didn’t give a shit about the project.  He does a fairly decent job during the fight scenes though and he looks more than half awake when he’s Kung Fuing people.  The aerial scenes on the other hand are pretty lame and rely heavily on stock footage borrowed from Iron Eagle, Navy SEALS, and (I think) Broken Arrow.


Bottom Line:  If Flight of Fury was showing on an airplane, I wouldn’t walk out on it.


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