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SUGAR BOXX (2009) ****

Sugar Boxx is the best Skinamax Women in Prison Movie since Time Served.  And if you’ve ever seen Time Served, you know that’s about the highest praise I can give a film.  In fact, the plot is very similar to Time Served.  It’s all about a women’s prison with a unique Work Release Program.  In Time Served, the warden let the girls earn money by stripping.  In Sugar Boxx, the warden lets the girls be hookers.  And instead of having the film take place in your average run of the mill prison, as in Time Served; the prison in Sugar Boxx is one of those work camp deals.  That means the girls sleep in tents, shower behind bamboo curtains, and are sent to the “Hot Box” when they get out of line.  Needless to say, this is a really great movie.


I have to say I don’t think Sugar Boxx would’ve existed if it wasn’t for Grindhouse as it has a retro credits sequences and steals music from old Women in Prison Movies.  A lot of movies that have been following the Grindhouse formula like Run Bitch Run basically just wind up looking like hollow imitators.  What makes Sugar Boxx awesome is that it not only apes the look of a 70’s drive-in movie, but it FEELS like one too.  There’s rampant lesbianism, shower scenes, whippings, cat fights, and lots of T & A.  But enough about the plot.


What’s charming about Sugar Boxx is that it wears it’s inspiration on it’s sleeve.  Legendary Women in Prison director Jack (Switchblade Sisters) Hill has a cameo and Russ Meyer regulars Tura (Faster Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!) Satana and Kitten (Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens) Natividad also appear.  Any movie that invites them to the party definitely has the right idea.


Sugar Boxx also has some of the best dialogue I’ve heard all year like, “You’ve seen more pricks than a porcupine!” and “I’m here to liberate some ass!”  But by far the funniest part is when a guard gets fatally wounded and one of the chicks offers to “ease his pain” by giving him a blowjob.  The guard winds up cumming and going at the same time and dies with a big smile on his face.  When one of the girls mourns, “He deserved better”, the chick wipes her chin and says, “Deserved better?  SHHIIIIT, I gave him the hundred dollar special!”  Again, this is one great movie.


Sugar Boxx is now on The Video Vacuum Top Ten Films of 2009 at the Number 7 spot, which places it right between Crank:  High Voltage and Bruno.

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