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FOXY BROWN (1974) *** ½

Star Pam Grier and director Jack Hill's follow-up to Coffy isn't quite as good, but it's a lot of fun.

Grier is the feisty Foxy Brown. Antonio (Huggy Bear) Fargas co-stars as Foxy's numbers running screw-up brother. When Foxy's cop boyfriend gets a new face to protect him from gangsters led by Ms. Katherine, Fargas fingers him to get out of his debt. A royally pissed Foxy goes undercover as a hooker for Ms. Katherine to get revenge. Juanita (Caged Heat) Brown co-stars as an enslaved hooker Foxy helps by reuniting her with her husband and son. Foxy gets captured by Ms. Katherine and taken to "The Farm" where some thugs dope her, but she gets the upper hand and torches those motherfuckers. Then the gangsters kill Fargas thinking he had a hand in her escape. Sid (Savage Sisters) Haig shows up briefly near the end as a pilot who helps Foxy. In the finale, she runs over some guys with his airplane and decapitates one dude with the propeller! In the end, she castrates Ms. Katherine's main man and delivers it to her in a pickle jar! Along the way, Foxy also gets into a lesbian bar fight and hides her gun in her afro! There's also a great James Bond style opening credits sequence and a cool theme and score by Willie Hutch.

It takes awhile to get going and most of the action is weighted towards the end, but Grier is excellent. I wish Haig's part was bigger though. It took 23 years for Grier and Haig appeared together again in Jackie Brown.
Tags: action, blaxploitation, f
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