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I love horror movie trailer compilations as much as the next guy and Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell could’ve been one of the all-time greats.  There are a lot of great trailers here.  Many of the trailers I’ve already seen a thousand times before (like I Drink Your Blood, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Last House on the Left, Color Me Blood Red, Night of the Living Dead, etc.) but they’re still great.  There are plenty of obscure trailers (Love Me Deadly, The Maniacs are Loose, Bloodeaters, Wildcat Women 3-D, etc.) that are fun too. 


If the flick had been nothing but horror and exploitation trailers, Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell would’ve been a classic.  The problem is that in between the trailers is a bunch of irritating scenes with this jackass ventriloquist and his zombie puppet.  These guys just aren’t funny at all.  Their jokes are sub-vaudeville in quality and I don’t even think a two-year old would laugh at them.  The scenes where some zombies enter the theater to watch the trailers work slightly better, but that’s not saying much (I liked the scene where they poured blood on their popcorn though). 


Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell runs about 85 minutes long.  Roughly 25 of those minutes are devoted to the ventriloquist making lame jokes.  That leaves about an hour’s worth of awesome trailers and that’s still good enough for Three Stars in my book.

Tags: compilation, exploitation, horror, m, zombie
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