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FRANKENSTEIN ’80 (1972) ** ½

When Dr. Schwarz invents a formula that allows for organs to be transplanted with no rejection (appropriately called “Schwarz Serum”), his assistant Dr. Frankenstein steals it and uses on his own creation (affectionately named “Mosaic”) to keep it alive. The doctor sends his monster out at night to rip out fresh organs so he can transplant them. One memorable scene has the monster using a leg of lamb to bludgeon a female butcher to death. (I guess you could say she was boned to death.) When the good doctor gives the monster a testicle transplant, its first order of business is to rape a prostitute to make sure everything works properly. Whenever anyone sticks their nose in Frankenstein’s business, he orders Mosaic to kill. When the cops are clueless to find the murderer (Hmm… let’s see… we have a bunch of dead bodies found with their organs missing… a stolen serum for keeping body parts alive… and there’s a doctor… named FRANKENSTEIN...) a reporter figures everything out and leads the manhunt to find the creature. Since without the serum, Mosaic’s body will die in 48 hours, the cops brilliant solution to finding him is just let him go out killing until he dies!


This nutty Italian horror movie contains some gore and nudity, but it gets deadly dull after the creature kills his master and goes amok. The ending where its brain “dissolves” and he just keels over and dies is a letdown too. It’s not the worst Frankenstein movie out there, but it’s nothing to shoot your Schwarz Serum over. The biggest mystery of the movie is why the hell is it called Frankenstein ’80? I mean it was made in ’72, why the hell set it 8 years in the future?
Tags: f, frankenstein, horror
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