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James (The Return of the Living Dead) Karen stars as a moped riding scientist who creates an android astronaut whose ship gets shot down by bald space men. He crash lands in Puerto Rico and has a laser gun battle with the aliens that leaves him with a half melted face. He then flips out and hacks up some poor dope with a machete while the spacemen set their sights on abducting earth women to repopulate their race. They crash a pool party and blow up a jock on the diving board before kidnapping some bathing beauties. Karen rewires the android and he saves the girls, not before the titular space monster (Diamonds Are Forever’s Bruce Glover) escapes and does battle with him for the memorable finale.

Some may call foul because this isn’t a real “Frankenstein” movie (the dude’s a robot, not a stitched together monster), but it still has it’s moments. The costumes and make-up are suitably cheesy and there’s some great 60’s garage rock music too. There’s also an abundance of stock footage, some bad dialogue and awful effects. It’s not quite enough to recommend, but it’s harmlessly silly entertainment perfect for Grade Z sci-fi movie fans. Filmed in “Futurama”.
Tags: f, frankenstein, horror, sci-fi
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