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STEEL AND LACE (1991) **

Clare Wren gets raped by a group of guys and when they are acquitted by a jury, she throws herself off a building.  Her brother (Bruce Davison) just so happens to be a NASA scientist that specializes in robots.  His brilliant plan for revenge is to turn his sister into a shape-shifting cyborg that seduces and kills each of the men who attacked her.


So basically what we’ve got here is I Spit on Your Grave Meets the Terminator, except it’s not nearly as good as it sounds.  Steel and Lace squanders much of it’s potential because the focus is all wrong.  Most of the movie revolves around a courtroom sketch artist (Stacy Haiduk) trying to do some super-sleuthing while her cop boyfriend (David Naughton) tries to crack the case.  Had the movie been all about Davison and his cyborg sister’s quest for revenge, it could’ve been a classic.  As it is, Steel and Lace is pretty much a mishmash of genres that never quite comes together as a whole.


The best thing about the flick is the kills.  Rapists die from drills punched through their chest, decapitation, and fire.  There’s also a Dawn of the Dead-inspired helicopter death as well as a nutty scene where a guy gets sucked dry of his bodily fluids. The performances are solid (especially Naughton) and Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley provides some laughs as the coroner.  Haiduk gets the funniest line of the movie when she says, “I will not castrate my art!” 


AKA:  Final Exterminator.

Tags: s, sci-fi

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