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Yet another in a long line of 80’s teen sex comedies. This one is better than most, but that’s not saying a lot. Tim (Anti-Trust) Robbins and Cameron (Valley Girl) Dye take nerd Stephen Geoffreys down to Palm Springs to get him laid. Ironically, he makes out better than either of them, as they get caught up in a bet with a rival fraternity to see who will bed Sheree J. Wilson first. The great cast includes John (Animal House) Vernon playing the mean ass father of Amanda (Married with Children) Bearse, Britt Ekland as a waitress and Barbara (Re-Animator) Crampton and Kathleen (Bride of Re-Animator) Kinmont topless too! Bearse and Geoffreys were also in Fright Night together the same year. Robbins went on to win an Oscar and Geoffreys went on to do gay porn! Also starring Leigh (Hamburger) McCloskey, Matt (Police Academy 6) McCoy and Max (Alf) Wright.
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