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Ethan (Gil Meadows) is a video game programmer who goes to a beach resort with his hot wife Sarah (Beverly Lynne), ostensibly to work on a new game.  They have been considering having a threesome with another broad, so they see this little getaway as the perfect opportunity to make their fantasy come true.  When they see the sexy Sophie (Shauna O’Brien) in the swimming pool, they know it’s on like Donkey Kong.  Then Sophie’s scumbag husband Ray (Evan Kennsington) shows up wanting to bang Sarah and Ethan says no way Jose.  The vengeance-seeking Ray then tries to blackmail Ethan into giving him the prototype for a new gaming system.


As Skinamax movies go, Dangerous Invitations probably has too much plot and/or talking scenes than it really needed.  The blackmail subplot is pretty lame and isn’t nearly as well done as a lot of the erotic thrillers from the 90’s.  If you’re watching this with your wife or girlfriend though, they won’t mind too much.  (You know they have to have a “plot” when they watch these things.)  In that respect, it’s a decent “Couple’s Movie”.


Whatever “critique” of Dangerous Invitations I give, it won’t matter to most of you because this movie features A) Beverly Lynne and Shauna O’Brien getting naked B) Beverly Lynne and Shauna O’Brien having sex and C) Beverly Lynne and Shauna O’Brien having sex with each other.  Both chicks look great and their sex scenes are mostly chub-inducing.  The only problem with that is that a lot of the sex scenes in the movie are kinda brief and sometimes end rather abruptly.  If the movie had been 80% sex and 20% plot instead of the other way around, it might’ve worked out a lot better.

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