The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

FREAKED (1993) ****

Alex Winter stars and co-directs (with Tom Stern) as a washed up child actor who is conned by an evil conglomerate head (William Sadler) to be the spokesperson for E.E.S. (Everything Except Shoes). They send him to South America to sell Zygrot-13 a fertilizer that changes people into freaks. Randy Quaid is the owner of a freak show who turns Winter and his friends into Hideous Mutant Freaks (the film’s original title). The film’s off the wall humor and cast makes this a blast. What can you say about a movie in which Mr. T plays a bearded lady? There’s also Brooks Shields, Bobcat Goldtwait, and Keanu Reeves as The Dog Boy. The make-up which includes work from Steve Johnson, Tony Gardner and Screaming Mad George is excellent. Winter and Stern also created the short lived MTV show Idiot Box. Reeves and Sadler also co-starred with Winter in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.
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