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In the totalitarian future, most of the population is sterile.  All of the fertile women are rounded up and turned into “Handmaids”; breeding stock for the rich and wealthy.  One such Handmaid is Kate (the late Natasha Richardson).  The government kills her husband and takes her daughter and sends her off the Handmaid Summer Camp (they don’t really call it that, but that’s what it looks like) where she is taught that bearing children is good and being a whore is bad.  Eventually, she is assigned to give “The Commander” (Robert Duvall) a baby, which is kinda hard to do since he’s shooting blanks.  Instead, she gets knocked up by his studly chauffeur (Aidan Quinn) and they fall in love.


The Handmaid’s Tale was going pretty good up until this point.  I’m a sucker for any movie in which women have to breed in order to ensure the survival of the human race, so this shit was right up my alley.  Unfortunately, the last twenty minutes or so is a bust.  Here, the movie gets pretty political as some revolutionaries try to overthrow the government and ask Kate to assassinate the Commander.  This turn of events was to be expected I suppose, but the final scenes are nowhere near as compelling as what came before.  Still, it’s a lot better than that Children of Men crap, I’ll tell you that.


Naturally, my favorite scenes of the movie were the breeding scenes.  I liked how they made the Handmaid lay on top of the infertile wife while the hubby plowed into her.  That shit was great.  I think if they ever remake this flick, they can sex these scenes up a bit and make one heck of a good Skinamax movie out of it.


And while we’re on the subject of skin, I do have to say the movie was a bit light in the nudity department.  Richardson showed off her goodies about two or three times, but nothing major.  She was looking fine in that red dress though.  She can be my Handmaid any day.  (Well, not now I suppose…)

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