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CRASH COURSE (1988) **

Crash Course is an 80’s TV Movie of the Week teen comedy that combines elements of Summer School and Moving Violations.  It’s all about a bunch of fuck-up kids who flunked Driver’s Ed and have to go to summer school to learn how to drive.  Yeah, it’s as predictable and dumb as it sounds.


The only reason to watch the flick is for the great assortment of 80’s TV talent.  We’ve got Alyssa (Who’s the Boss?) Milano, Tina (Family Ties) Yothers, and Rob (Mr. Belvedere) Stone as the kids and Charles (Night Court) Robinson, Jackee (227) Harry, and Harvey (The Carol Burnett Show) Korman as the teachers.  Once your 80’s nostalgia runs out though, you’re pretty much up Shit Creek.  Although the cast is immensely likable, the movie isn’t funny at all.  I guess the funniest character is the Asian rapper (B.D. Wong), but that’s pushing it.


I will say I do have fond memories of watching Crash Course when it originally aired.  I only watched it because I had a humongous crush on Alyssa Milano.  I remember vowing to boycott Mr. Belvedere because Rob Stone went out on a date with her in this movie.  That’s OK Rob.  You can have her in this movie; I’ll take her in Embrace of the Vampire and we’ll call it even.

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