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Bud Abbott and Lou Costello star in their final film together and it’s a sorry farewell to the legendary duo.  Lou plays the disheveled owner of an amusement park who takes in two orphans and tries to give them a good home.  In addition to a pissy old woman from Social Services, Lou has to contend with Bud’s no-good underworld associates who are looking to collect on a gambling debt.  When the gangsters frame Lou for murder, he has to work together with Bud to clear his name.


I’m a huge Abbott and Costello fan but even I have to admit that Dance with Me, Henry is probably about their worst film.  It’s not very funny and it’s filled with a lot of shitty melodrama that will bore you to tears.  Although Lou gives it his best shot and gets some laughs (the highlight comes when the police try to interrogate him), Bud looks like he’s completely thrown in the towel.  His tired and lifeless performance is just another sign that the end was near for the team. 


Another sign of desperation is the annoying idiot rock n’ roller kid who bursts into every scene and plays the title rock n’ roll song.  It would be one thing if the song was actually good, but it’s about the shittiest rock songs I’ve ever heard.  It’s fitting though because Dance with Me, Henry is about the shittiest Abbott and Costello movies I’ve ever seen.

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