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So this movie is about some sharks in Venice.  When they chomp down on Stephen Baldwin’s father, he heads to Venice to find out what happened.  Apparently, these sharks swim around protecting some treasure left over from the Crusades or some shit.  Eventually, Steve gets tangled up with some gangsters who want him to fetch the treasure. 


Sharks in Venice is a bottom of the barrel SyFy Channel Original.  Most SyFy Channel flicks are terrible but they can be tolerable when they sport cheesy special effects, plots and performances.  Sharks in Venice has no such luxuries. 


First off, the shark “special effects” are nothing more than outtakes from Discovery Channel Shark Week.  Say what you will about Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, but at least the awful FX were good for a laugh.  Secondly, the plot is just plain stupid.  It’s like a mix between Spring Break Shark Attack and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (or maybe National Treasure).  And finally, the performances are bland as all get out.  This movie really needed someone who can chew scenery (like Jeffrey Combs) or someone who’s very appearance entices laughter (like Lorenzo Lamas).  Unfortunately, Stephen Baldwin is neither of those kinds of actors.  He plays things more or less straight and the result is one big boring performance.


Bottom Line:  Sharks in Venice deserves to go straight to the chum bucket.


AKA:  Shark in Venice.

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