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The original 1988 version of Night of the Demons was a memorable, if uneven horror flick.  The moments that were memorable mostly revolved around Linnea Quigley’s anatomy.  Fans of the original will be pleased to learn that she has a cameo in this new remake shaking her moneymaker.  Man, that thing hasn’t aged a day in 22 years.


But I don’t want to get swept up in nostalgia here.  Let’s sha-na-na-na-na live for today.  And today, I just watched the remake of Night of the Demons and I have to say it’s about on par with the original.  Like that film, it’s filled with a lot of annoying characters and stupid situations.  But whenever the flick doesn’t get bogged down (the first half hour drags like a sumbitch) or the characters aren’t bugging the shit out of you, it more or less delivers the goods.


Angela (Shannon Elizabeth from Jack Frost) invites a bunch of people to a Halloween party in an abandoned mansion where a massacre happened years before.  The previous tenants were actually possessed by demons who tried to bring about Hell on Earth.  Predictably, the demons also possess Angela and she sets out to turn the partygoers into slimy Hell spawns. 


I think Night of the Demons could’ve stood a chance to be a classic if the acting wasn’t so terrible.  Take Edward Furlong for instance.  You’d think he’d be able to essay the role of a strung out druggie loser to perfection.  All he had to do was go Method and it would’ve been a piece of cake.  But no, he just sucks and grates on your damned nerves.  Likewise, Shannon Elizabeth just doesn’t make for a convincing Satanic Slut.  I mean I think she’s hot and all, but she is woefully miscast here.  She should be off playing bubble-headed bimbos, not seductive temptresses. 


The movie was supposed to be released theatrically last Halloween but it wound up on DVD a couple months ago.  I think I sort enjoyed myself with the flick because of the lowered expectations that come with a Direct to DVD horror remake.  I don’t think I would’ve been happy spending ten bucks to see it in a theater though. 


This was written by the same dudes that did that Tobe Hopper Direct to DVD remake of The Toolbox Murders a while back and it’s marginally better than that flick.  If only they could’ve done something about the pacing, the stupid “rules”, and idiotic characters.  (Seriously, how many times were they going to leave the “protected room” to take a leak?)    


Well, it’s kinda like shooting fish in a barrel when it comes to critiquing the acting, script, and plot of Night of the Demons ‘10.  What really matters is the gore and/or nutty set pieces.  In that respect, I sorta dug this new Night of the Demons.  There is a cool tentacle-out-of-the-nipples scene, some gut ripping, and a clever twist on the original’s signature lipstick scene.  I think by far my favorite scene though was when the one demon cornholed a hot chick.  Most of the movie is borderline Special Ed; but since you don’t see Demon Sodomy everyday, I’m willing to give it ** ½.


It’s still no Night of the Demons 2 though.

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