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Mamie Van Doren plays a dim-witted stripper who meets Tommy Noonan in the unemployment line and takes him back to her apartment to meet her two idiot roommates.  The three of them are too poor to afford a shrink so they hire Noonan to tell the psychiatrist all of their neurosis.  Predictably, the shrink labels him as a schizophrenic and tries to make money off him.


3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt has a really stupid plot.  It’s something so farfetched that it wouldn’t have even cut it on an episode of Three’s Company.  I guess it would’ve been alright if it was funny, but the laughs just aren’t there.


The only reason this movie exists is to see Mamie Van Doren’s tits.  Because of that, it comes pretty highly recommended.  Of all of the Marilyn Monroe imitators of the 50’s, Mamie was always my favorite, so I gladly sat through all the lame jokes and stupid plot just to see those ta-tas.  She’s just one of those cult movie actresses whose films are mostly terrible but they’re still worth watching just because she’s in them.  That certainly sums up 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt.  Add in the fact that she gets naked, and you’ve got yourself some required viewing.  (Make no mistake, the flick itself still sucks.)


What’s cool about the film is that whenever Mamie’s about to do a striptease or take a bath or something, it switches from black and white to color.  This is really convenient if you’re just fast-forwarding to the good stuff.  Just remember:  Color = Mamie’s showing or shaking her tits.  Black and White = Boring sitcom shit.

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