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TWIN SITTERS (1995) ** ½

Twin Sitters is basically Mr. Nanny, except instead of one Hulk Hogan babysitting some obnoxious brats, we get two Barbarian Brothers babysitting some obnoxious brats.  The title also has a double meaning because not only are the babysitters twin brothers, but the kids they’re babysitting are too.  Is this one clever movie or what?


But enough about the plot.


This flick is stupid and dumb, but in the right sort of way.  It’s just about as good, if not better than The Barbarians’ Double Trouble.  I’m not saying it’s a laugh riot or anything; it’s just that it has a goofy charm that makes it watchable. 


A lot of the fun comes just from watching the Barbarians, David and Peter acting like complete idiots.  For starters, they strut around wearing a wardrobe that looks like they raided the closet of Gerardo, George Michael, and any random wrestler from the WWF.  Just looking at them inspires laughter.  Not many guys can get away wearing goofy outfits while riding around in a monster truck with personalized license plates that say “TOOO BIG” while listening to their own rap songs on the radio. 


Plus, their delivery is so bad it’s awesome.  Like when Peter (or was it David?) picks up an antique plate and the butler tells him it’s two hundred years old and he quips, “This guy is rich, you’d think he’d be able to afford some new plates!”  Any other comedian would say this line and it would suck, but these guys somehow pull it off.


The supporting cast is pretty good too.  It’s not nearly as varied as Double Trouble, but we do get George Lazenby as the bad guy and Valentina Vargas (the hot Cenobite from Hellraiser 4) as the sexy maid.  Twin Sitters also works as a 90’s time capsule.  In addition to the funny fashions, we also get gratuitous plugs for Powerhouse Gym and Super Nintendo. 


I can only praise the flick but so far.  For every funny gag, there are about four or five clunkers.  There are also some Home Alone inspired shenanigans that just aren’t funny at all.  On top of that, you have to deal with some bad taste child endangerment scenes that seem out of place in a comedy as silly as this one. 


Then again, it’s a Barbarian Brothers movie, so you know what you’re getting into.  There are two kinds of people in this universe:  One who will watch a Barbarian Brothers movie, and one who won’t.  You know which one you are.


AKA:  The Babysitters.

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