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DEVIL FISH (1986) *

Lamberto  (Macabre)  Bava directed this pathetic Italian Jaws rip-off.   It’s all about a giant prehistoric squid/shark hybrid that’s devouring people off the coast of Florida.  It’s up to a crusty boat captain, a laid back electrician, and an anorexic dolphin trainer to stop it.


As Jaws rip-offs go, Devil Fish is among the worst.  I’m not sure it’s as bad as Tentacles, but it’s definitely up there.  Like any horrible Jaws rip-off, it’s got a hilarious Dah-duh-duh-duh-duh theme song that plays whenever the monster attacks. 


And I’d like to tell you about how horrible the monster looks, but the underwater photography is so damned murky that you can never really get a good look at it.  The gore is OK though as there is one decent scene where a legless victim gets airlifted out of the water.


Mostly though Devil Fish is boring as Hell.  To make matters worse, the incoherent editing makes things extremely hard to figure out what’s going on in some scenes.  It also doesn’t help that there’s about three too many stupid subplots that get in the way of the Devil Fish chomping down on swimmers.  It’s definitely not the sort of thing you’d expect from the director of Demons, that’s for damn sure.


AKA:  Monster Shark.  AKA:  Shark:  Red on the Ocean.

Tags: d, horror, mst3k
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