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GIALLO (2010) **

A demented taxi driver with a gnarly case of jaundice is picking up hot girls in Rome and abducting them.  Then he makes them “ugly” by slashing their faces, killing them, and dumping the body.  When a hot babe (Emmanuelle Seigner) thinks her sister has been kidnapped by the killer, she enlists the help of a peculiar detective (Adrien Brody) to find her.


I’m going to be talking about some pretty big spoilers during the course of this paragraph so if you haven’t seen Giallo yet, you may want to stop reading right now.  Then again the killer is so obviously Adrien Brody in piss-poor make-up that you really don’t need a Spoiler Warning.  What is surprising is that Brody is just playing a dual role and not one of those deals where the detective is actually the killer.  The killer is even credited as “Byron Deidra” in the end; which is an obvious anagram for Adrien Brody.


As Direct to DVD serial killer movies go, Giallo is okay I guess.  But as a film from the Italian Master of Horror, Dario Argento it’s pretty weak.  The gore is almost nonexistent as we only get a hammer to the head, finger cutting, and hand slashing.  The flick is also low on Argento’s patented cinematic gymnastics and moves at a rather sluggish pace to boot.  It’s not terrible or anything, but it just makes you think we’ll probably never get another Suspiria or Opera out of the man; which is really depressing if you think about it.

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