The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE LOVE CULT (1966) * ½

A two-bit hypnotist gets tired of the daily grind and sets out to find a new way to make some quick dough.  He eventually dubs himself “Father Eros” and starts a “Love Cult” where he preaches “The Climax of the Now” and encourages his flock to freely fuck one another.  When a wealthy old nympho makes a big donation, it allows Eros to buy a large church to hold his orgies.  Naturally, his wife and business partner gets insanely jealous and threatens to ruin their lucrative franchise. 


This plot could’ve worked but The Love Cult ultimately fails because it takes an inordinate amount of time to get going.  It takes over twenty minutes before we see any tits and when they do finally get around to the fucking, it isn’t all that great.  And while the flick is only 65 minutes, it feels a helluva lot longer than that. 


I guess it was just a matter of poor timing.  Had director Barry (The Beast That Killed Women) Mahon made this flick a couple years later, when weirdo cults like the Manson Family were more prevalent, it would’ve made for a juicier topic.  Then they could’ve made the cult leader an out and out crazy person instead of a boring con man looking for a quick buck.

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