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World renowned stripper Tempest Storm stars as a burlesque dancer who also owns a women’s gymnasium.  There’s a killer running around with a stocking on his face that gets off on stabbing girls who frequent the gym.  Two dim-witted sex-starved cops are on the case, but can they stop the killer before he strikes again?


Mundo Depravados (World of the Depraved) is a so-so nudie mystery movie that features a good amount of tits and not much else.  I think the big problem is that it tries to be a “roughie” but it just doesn’t have enough balls to get down and dirty.  It’s telling that the movie is called “World of the Depraved”, yet the most depraved thing in the flick (besides murders of course) is a couple of Peeping Toms.


The movie also suffers greatly from the woefully unfunny comic relief cops.  I think if all of their stupid banter was left on the cutting room floor in favor of letting more girls get naked, the flick could’ve worked.  Then again, the girls in this movie are kinda rough looking.  Tempest Storm in particular looks pretty busted.  It also looks like gravity hasn’t been very kind to her if you catch my drift. 


Still, this movie has a couple of nutty scenes that sorta worked.  I liked the part when one of the strippers blew her inheritance on a champagne party for her co-workers that resulted in her getting totally shit-faced and taking her clothes off.  You don’t see that everyday.  And the dialogue is pretty great too.  My favorite line was, “I think Bert is the sex monster!”


AKA:  Mundo Depravados.

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