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DISMAL (2009) ** ½

A group of college students head off into the Georgia swamp for an extra credit field trip assignment with their dorky Teacher’s Aide.  I guess it goes without saying that the swamp is populated exclusively with redneck inbred cannibal mutants that want to turn the students into a hot lunch.  It probably also goes without saying that only the nerdy chick is left standing to fight off the rednecks.


So basically what we’ve got here is The Georgia Swamp Massacre.  Or The Swamp Has Eyes.  Or Wrong Turn in a Swamp.  Take your pick.


You have to wait a long time until the flick gets going, but once people start buying the farm, Dismal is anything but.  The gore is pretty good and includes a grappling hook to the neck, hand chopping, people getting cut in half (although the CGI effect is piss poor), and impalement.  The best scene though is when a slut is running through the swamp and steps in a bear trap and loses her foot.  She soldiers on though, hopping around on one leg until she loses her foot in ANOTHER bear trap.  Then, she falls face first into yet ANOTHER bear trap.  If you can’t already tell, this scene is some good shit.


Too bad all of the plot stuff is so predictable.  You know right away that the teacher and park ranger are part of the cannibal clan so I don’t even need a Spoiler Warning because they were already acting hella suspicious to begin with.  Plus, only one chick shows her tits.  That’s definitely a department that needed some beefing up.  Other than the sluggish first half and shitty characters and predictable plot, Dismal is a fairly entertaining redneck inbred cannibal mutant flick.


AKA:  Bleed.


Dismal is out now on DVD from the good folks at Cinema Epoch.  For more info head on over to their website:

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