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By the late 80’s anthology horror films were out of vogue but the handful that were released (Night Train to Terror, Deadtime Stories, etc.) were pretty entertaining. This is one of the best. It has a great cast, some bloody moments and a few good twists. The wraparound sequences feature Martine (Thunderball) Beswick, Susan (Angel) Tyrrell, and the legendary Vincent Price, who tells the dark history of the small southern town of Oldfield through four ghastly stories.

The first has a necrophiliac (Return of the Living Dead’s Clu Gulager) who gets a surprise nine months after he rapes his co-worker’s corpse when her zombie baby comes looking for it’s “daddy”. In the second tale, a criminal (Weekend at Bernie’s Terry Kiser) forces a simple swamp dweller into giving him the secret of eternal life, but of course there’s a price to pay. In the next story, a glass eating carnie tries to find happiness with a young girl, but their love is put to the test when the evil carnival owner/voodoo priestess (Rosalind Cash) makes all the glass, screws and razors he ate over the years rip out of him during a make out session. (Talk about coitus interruptus!) In the final tale, Cameron Mitchell (also in Night Train to Terror) stars as a Union soldier during the Civil War who gets captured by some cannibalistic Confederate kiddies who like to play “Pin the Arm on the Torso”.

Director Jeff (Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3) Burr lets the tension build slowly and manages to give each tale a satisfying payoff. The seasoned cast (especially Price, Gulager and Mitchell) really sell it and there are a few memorable scares. Producer Darin Scott also produced the equally fun horror anthology movie, Tales from the Hood.

AKA: The Offspring.
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