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Dolph Lundgren directs and stars as an ex-KGB agent-turned-hitman who tries to balance his family life with his work (READ:  Globetrotting assassinations).  Of course his ex-wife resents him but she quickly changes her tune when Dolph rescues her from some gun-toting hitmen.  Once Dolph figures out who double-crossed him, he sets out to kill the men who attacked his family.


The Killing Machine is a better than middle of the road Dolph Direct-to-DVD actioner that benefits from a solid performance by The Lundgrenator.  In addition to kicking plenty of butt; he handles himself quite well during the domestic scenes too.  Lundgren also does a capable enough job behind the camera and delivers a handful of decent action sequences.  I think my favorite part though came when Dolph impaled some dude’s face into a barbell.  (There’s also a pretty cool part where he sticks a bitch with a pitchfork too.)


I admire Lundgren for trying to graft a more realistic marital relationship into the usual action mix.  Although the rocky relationship between him and his ex-wife helps to set The Killilng Machine apart from the rest of Dolph’s oeuvre, it kinda gets in the way of the fun and will probably diminish the film’s potential rewatchability factor.  It’s definitely no Detention or The Russian Specialist, but it’s still a worthwhile entry in the man’s continuing domination in the Direct-to-DVD action market.


AKA:  Icarus.

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