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The plot of Women in Trouble is one of those deals where various quirky characters interact with other quirky characters in rambling vignettes that are all vaguely interconnected.  This is the sort of thing that guys like Robert Altman and Paul Thomas Anderson have a field day with.  Unfortunately, director Sebastian Gutierrez is no Robert Altman and/or Paul Thomas Anderson.  No, in fact he’s the guy that made that shitty She-Creature remake a few years back.  Sorry to say, but Women in Trouble isn’t even up to snuff with that effort either.


This movie is pretty crappy, mostly because it wastes a good cast of hot babes.  The problem is Gutierrez is just content to sit the camera down and let them ramble on and on about God knows.  The flick has a rather large cast but Gutierrez never pulls them all together so they work as an ensemble.  Instead, what we get is a couple of hot actresses essentially reciting monologues to one another.  The result is rather tedious.


Here’s the most telling thing about how bad Women in Trouble is:  You’ve got a world class hottie like Carla Gugino playing a porn star who DOESN’T GET NAKED!  What’s up with that?  Actually, just about every female character in this movie is a slut in one form or another (porn stars, call girls, chicks who have affairs with married men, stewardess, etc.), and none of them pop their tops.  Some of the acting is good (Gugino is excellent), but since all of their scenes more or less go nowhere, it’s all rather pointless and dull.

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