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DOGHOUSE (2010) *** ½

A group of manly men spurn their wives and girlfriends and gather together in a small town in the middle of nowhere for a Guys Only weekend.  The town is completely deserted but the guys barely seem to notice and start drinking it up and having fun.  Little do they know, the town has been taken over by female man-hating zombies that want to turn the guys into a hot lunch.


Doghouse is the best zombie movie since Zombieland.  Since it’s a British horror comedy about zombies, the comparisons to Shaun of the Dead are inevitable.  While it’s tempting to compare both films, Doghouse is hilarious in it’s own right and has a style all it’s own.  It’s full of sly wit, sharp observations about men and women, and has some very big laughs.


Director Jake (Razor Blade Smile) West stages the zombie attacks with panache and is able to make them both suspenseful and funny.  The gore is solid as we get hand stabbing, head splitting, decapitations, axe to the legs, golf balls to the eye, scissor stabbing, and a whole lot more.  West doesn’t really linger on the gore though and treats it more as a throwaway.  He’s more interested in seeing his chauvinistic characters reacting to being assaulted by feminist zombies.  It’s this Battle of the Sexes slant that really sets Doghouse apart from so many zombie comedies out there.


The flick has a number of inventive scenes.  I think my favorite part was when the guys created a diversion by sticking a decapitated head on the back on an RC car so the zombie bitches would chase after it.  But although Doghouse is enormously entertaining for the first hour, the flick kinda gets spotty once the zombie chicks receive an “upgrade”.  Even though the finale was kinda weak, I didn’t mind because I dug the rest of the film so much.

Tags: comedy, d, horror, zombie
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