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MIDNIGHT MOVIE (2008) ** ½

A demented movie director is locked away in a mental institution.  While watching his latest film, he goes nuts, kills a bunch of people and then disappears.  Five years later, at a midnight screening of his final movie, he reemerges out of the screen to terrorize some unsuspecting moviegoers.  And whenever he kills a character in the movie, someone in the theater gets killed for real.


Midnight Movie isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination but it makes for some breezy, if forgettable entertainment.  The flick runs a scant 79 minutes and is heavily padded with the film-within-a-film footage, so there’s always something happening.  I also liked it for the fact that all the characters accept the killer’s supernatural abilities rather quickly, so there aren’t a lot of scenes where characters whine and scream, “Why is this happening?”  The characters don’t get on your nerves either, which was refreshing too.  (They still aren’t very smart though, but that’s okay.)


Although a lot of the gore is minimal and kept off screen, there is a pretty great scene where a cop tries to protect a girl from getting killed.  The cop says to the killer, “If you want her, you’ll have to go through me first!” and then the killer proceeds to drill through the dude’s chest and into the chick.  We also get a drill to the eye, but I just wish some of the other kills were just as juicy.


Sure, the flick has it’s share of problems but the things I liked about Midnight Movie narrowly outweighed the things I didn’t.  If only the last fifteen minutes weren’t a complete wash, Midnight Movie would’ve landed into Three Star territory.  Overall, I still liked it better than the similarly themed Popcorn. 

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