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This sequel opens up with a Superman 2 style credits sequence that features glowing white credits that fly towards the audience while we’re treated to highlights from the first Hercules movie (Herc battling giant wind-up toys, turning into the Amazing Colossal Man, etc.).  Like Superman 2, The Adventures of Hercules was filmed back to back with the original and then split up into two parts for maximum profits.  But whereas Superman 2 was a worthy sequel, matching the power, heart, and fun of it’s predecessor, The Adventures of Hercules doesn’t quite live up to the inspired lunacy of the first film.


Four gods rebel against Zeus and hide his “Seven Mighty Thunderbolts”.  (By the way, “Seven Mighty Thunderbolts” would make a great name for a Kung Fu movie.)  Since Zeus is now powerless, that means the moon will crash into the Earth.  Two chicks track down Hercules (Lou Ferrigno) and get him to find the Thunderbolts and save the world.  To complicate matters, the gods have brought the evil Minos (William Berger) back to life who uses the power of science and a deadly Ice Sword to fight Hercules.  (Hey, he used a Fire Sword in the first movie and lost, so it’s only logical he’d return with an Ice Sword in this one.)


The first Hercules was a dumb, campy, and fun flick.  This one is mostly just dumb and campy.  I will say that Hercules does battle with some sort of monster every five or ten minutes so you don’t have to worry about it being boring or anything.  Throughout the course of the flick Hercules fights a Chewbacca rip-off monster, Slime People, Glowing People, a Medusa knockoff, a “Fire Monster” (which doesn’t look anything like fire, just a bunch of negative scratches), Amazon women, and a Spider Princess.  The funniest part comes in the end when Hercules and Minos turn into “pure energy”, which means they look like living neon signs.  If this wasn’t goofy enough for ya, Herc turns into a glowing gorilla and Minos becomes a fluorescent T. Rex and they recreate the dinosaur battle from King Kong, except they both look like animated Colorforms or some shit.


I can’t really recommend this movie to ya’ll but it definitely has it’s moments of WTF insanity.  It’s not as consistently entertaining or laugh out loud hilarious as the first flick, but what were you expecting?  I mean by the time Hercules turns huge-ified and blocks the moon from colliding with the Earth, you have to sorta admit that it’s pretty tight.


AKA:  Hercules 2.

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