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INTERMEDIO (2005) **

A quartet of amateur drug dealers led by Edward Furlong make a big score inside an underground tunnel on the Mexican border.  Unbeknownst to them, Steve Railsback is in control of some evil spirits who protect his massive marijuana stash.  Railsback sends his ganja ghosts to kill the intruders, which is kinda easy to do since they quickly get lost in the tunnels.


Intermedio has better than average production values for a movie from The Asylum.  The acting is serviceable (Amber Benson gives probably the best performance as the hot chick on crutches), the plot is sorta unique, and the special effects don’t look like complete shit.  The gore is decent too as we get a chain to the eye, finger chopping, people cut in half, axe to the back, screwdriver to the leg, a knife to the neck, and hand hacking.   


That doesn’t necessarily make it a good movie though.  The big stumbling block about the flick is that once the characters get lost in the tunnel, all they really do is yell and scream at each other; which is pretty annoying.  The flick also gets bogged down on several occasions as there are also way too many lulls in between the spirit attacks.  And like any Asylum movie, the flick has it’s share of unintentional laughs (like Railsback standing silently in the shadows fiddling around with Swarvoski crystals), but not nearly enough to make it worthwhile.


AKA:  The In Between.  AKA:  Dead and Dying.

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