The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

FUN IN ACAPULCO (1963) ** ½

In Elvis’ 13th movie he stars as an ex-trapeze artist who gets a job singing at a South of the Border resort. He has a little boy for a manager and gets hottie Ursula (Dr. No) Andress to help him conquer his fear of heights. Elsa Cardenas co-stars as a female bull fighter who tries to turn Elvis’ head. Elvis’ considerable charisma carries this thing as far as it can go, but it doesn’t help that the songs (like “No Room to Rumba in a Sportscar”) are all pretty crappy. By this time the usual Elvis formula (Elvis + pretty girls + beautiful locations = harmless fun) was starting to wear thin, but die hard Elvis fans won’t care. Watch out for a bit part by Floyd the Barber. Director Richard Thorpe also directed Elvis in Jailhouse Rock.
Tags: comedy, elvis, f, musical
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