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Huntz Hall is inadvertently implicated in a bank robbery and it’s up to Leo Gorcey and the rest of the Bowery Boys to get him out of hot water.  The real crooks are a bunch of no good gangsters led by Sheldon Leonard who tip the cops that Hall is really working for a rival gangster that’s never shown his face in public.  Gorcey uses the mobster’s anonymity to his advantage and impersonates the gangster to get the goods on Leonard and clear his buddy’s name.


This is a fitfully funny, mildly amusing, and mostly harmless Bowery Boys entry.  The gags fly in fairly rapid succession, and while there are just as many misses as hits, it’s still a solid flick for fans of the series.  The height in the hilarity comes when Gorcey pretends to be the mobster.  Although it’s no Mickey Blue Eyes or anything, it still pretty funny.


The flick also benefits from the presence of Leonard as the main goon.  He’s done this kind of role in countless other comedies (like Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man), and he makes a good foil for the Bowery Boys.  The Boys themselves are also in good form.  Gorcey in particular is really strong.  If only they came up with some better lines for him, Bowery Bombshell could’ve been a top drawer entry in the long running series.

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