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I’m not the world’s biggest football fan but I’m usually up for a good football movie.  And that’s exactly what Any Given Sunday is:  A good football movie.  Nothing more, nothing less. 


Al Pacino stars as the coach for the fictional Miami Sharks who is under pressure to win from the bitchy owner (Cameron Diaz).  When the team’s legendary quarterback (Dennis Quaid) goes on the injured list, a cocky third-stringer (Jamie Foxx) steps in and steals his thunder.  Pretty quickly, success goes to his head and he starts acting like a complete douche nozzle.


I think the message of Any Given Sunday is all wrong.  It’s like director Oliver Stone is trying to say that television ruined football forever.  This is complete bullshit because as we all know, we tune into the Super Bowl not because of the game, but for the commercials. 


There are other flaws here.  The flick is too long and the narrative is too disjointed for it to really work.  And even as sports movies go, Any Given Sunday is curiously low on dramatics.  In fact, I’ve had more drama playing a game of Madden than what’s in this flick. 


Whatever it’s faults are, Any Given Sunday remains immensely entertaining thanks to the amazing cast.  Pacino does a fine job and Quaid is perfect as the aging quarterback.  I think my favorite duo though was James Woods and Matthew Modine as the bickering team doctors.  I also dug Aaron Eckhart as the offensive coordinator, Ann-Margret as Diaz’s boozy mother; and it was fun seeing football vets Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor too.


Unfortunately, this is the movie when Jamie Foxx started thinking he was a serious actor.  He’s not horrible or anything but he just doesn’t have the charisma needed to stand out in the crowd.  It’s also the flick where he started thinking that he was a singer too as he sings a pretty awful rap song.  (Although admittedly, it’s awful on purpose… I think.)


Special Note:  This brings me to the end of my Oliver Stone DVD box set.  Since I’ve highly enjoyed reviewing all of his movies, I’m going to add his other films to my Netflix Queue.  I look forward to watching all of them, particularly his first film, Seizure.

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