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After the death of Andy Sidaris, there has been a noticeable lack of Skinamax Tits n’ Guns movies.  I think Crazy Girls Undercover is someone’s idea of trying to bring about a renaissance in the genre.  Too bad it sucks.  The sad thing is Crazy Girls Undercover could’ve worked. 


The premise is certainly sound enough:  A former CIA agent uses a Vegas nudie review as a front for his various covert operations.  All of the girls in the show (the “Crazy Girls” of the title) make up his team of undercover agents.  Basically, it’s nothing more than a cheap version of Charlie’s Angels; except you know, there’s five of them and they show their tits.


And the plot isn’t too bad either.  It revolves around the Crazy Girls trying to separate an Arab card shark from him for his money so he can no longer finance a terrorist network.  Basically, it’s nothing more than a cheap version of Casino Royale; except instead of James Bond, it’s five girls who show their tits.


The thing that totally derails the movie is it’s tone.  It’s way too serious and is in desperate need of some tongue in cheek humor.  In addition, the movie’s pretty dull whenever the girls aren’t blowing something up or getting naked.  And while the gals get naked quite often, the flick mostly offers dressing room nudity and not a lot of hot and heavy Skinamax sex scenes.  That is to say, these Crazy Girls don’t spend too much time under the covers.

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